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Candid Conversations with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow and “Gammy”

28 Days of Impact: Baby Harriett

    The flutters of movement, then the obvious kicks from the life beating inside of me. I was afraid. Afraid of the unknown. The uncertainty of whether I was ready to become a mother, unsure of how to care for myself and the life that waited to arrive. I sang to her in my

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Motherhood: A Universal Word

She wore a little green dress with bright eyes, and tiny little hands and  feet. Five month old Baby Harriett didn’t realize that today was a special day. One that would save her life! A small group of three Shot@Life Champion were given the privilege of following a family’s journey. Young grandmother Rosemary and her

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Anticipating Uganda!

I received a phone call a few weeks ago from the United Nations Foundation – Shot@Life Campaign that both shocked and humbled me. I was invited to attend the FIRST EVER observation trip to Uganda, Africa to see first hand the work being done on the ground with polio and measles immunizations. Since that phone

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The DREAM Lives On – MLK Memorial

Several months ago my family spent the day in Washington DC (our backyard) visiting the monuments and sites around the city. The most profound was the new Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (photos below).  Our girls are now of the age where they can appreciate the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement. We have allowed them

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Video: A Prince Charming for Everyone!

This heart-warming wedding video is a testament to all women and girls that regardless of your situation, there is a prince charming out there for everyone! Sadly, the bride passed away one month from the day of the wedding in December 2011. I have to say the groom, Chris Draft, former NFL pro of the

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Helping Your Child Understand Death

I have been out-of-pocket for over a week now due to the death of my 87-year-old Papa (Paw-Paw – Grandfather).  It has been a whirlwind of a time, as he was not ill and his death was completely unexpected.  Trying to find a way to deal with my own grief has been extremely difficult.  But

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Too Pretty For Homework?

In today’s society where we struggle to encourage positive images for children, J.C. Penney chose to distribute a controversial t-shirt creating a frenzy and frankly horrible message for both boys and girls! The “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me” t-shirt is made by a company called Self-Esteem (you’re

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Lion King 3D in Beverly Hills, CA

Oh boy!  Where do I start, there is sooooo much to share!  I just spent a FABULOUS Disney ALL EXPENSE PAID Bloggers Weekend in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, CA.  Disney Pictures rolled out the Red (Green) Carpet, literally, to a small group of Mommy Bloggers!  It was such an amazing four days, that I’ll need to break up the experience

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Coming Full Circle – “The Help” After 53 Years!

The Help has been a blockbuster hit over the last several weeks.  The heartwarming story of triumph tells the history of many of our families.  My own grandmother, Mrs. Maudie Lee Davis, age 83, still works for the same family after 53 years! Unlike the movie, in the early years of a very prejudice Louisiana, my grandmother is

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