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Educate A Girl, Educate A Nation!

When I look at my two girls, I not only see who they are today, I see their future. Who they will become as adults, mothers, wives, intelligent business women, god-loving, productive citizens and educated women. I see the world amassed before them without limits! I consistently pour into them that nothing they imagine is

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At This Age, No One Will Want Me!

On a recent trip to Phoenix, AZ, I overheard a 50+ year old women speaking with her friend at a resort. The conversation went something like this:  Woman 1: I know my husband is cheating with HER. Woman 2: How do you know? Woman 1: I have proof. But there’s nothing I can do about

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

It’s an old cliché that my mother said to me many a times when I was growing up.  As soon as someone would pay me a compliment and I’d start smelling myself she would hit me with that phrase, “Pretty is as pretty does.”  And I can remember her words sounding like a hand smack

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Pulling the Covers OFF of Child Molesters

I have been called an “overprotective mom” by many of my friends because it is rare that I let my girls out of my sight.  As a former employee of a prison for 14 years, I worked with child sexual predators. As a result, my filter is obviously different from the average person. I have

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Helping Your Child Understand Death

I have been out-of-pocket for over a week now due to the death of my 87-year-old Papa (Paw-Paw – Grandfather).  It has been a whirlwind of a time, as he was not ill and his death was completely unexpected.  Trying to find a way to deal with my own grief has been extremely difficult.  But

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Impromptu Lunch Date

I am a firm believer that one of the best gifts my husband and I can give our girls is a stable relationship, filled with love, affection and commitment to each other.  But as a busy wife, Mommy CEO, non-profit Board Member, and worship ministry vocalist, my schedule is consistently overflowing with very little room to

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Am I a perfectionist? Some may think so. But I prefer to say that I have standards. My goal is to always walk in excellence, though I sometimes fail miserably. But hey, we all have to reach for our best, right? Before marriage and kids, everything was in order. The house was so clean, you

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