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Am I A Spoiled American?

Am I  totally SPOILED American? I have been juicing for 4 months straight and feel amazing! So my trip to Africa with Shot@Life  has me extremely stressed in that I won’t be able to juice or eat fruit and veggies in Uganda. The thought of not being able to continue my clean eating regimen is

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Capturing Milestones – NEW Shot@Life Mobile App

As multi-tasking parents we have all had our challenges with keeping things organized. Your child’s first step, the day the bottles and diapers come to end, a lost tooth, and the first day of school. Unless you carry your baby book with you, many of these dates can get lost in the hustle and bustle

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Shot@Life: T-shirts for a Global Cause

As a mother of 2 girls, trying to imagine not being able to provide for them is an extremely unsettling thought. Even more concerning is the thought of not having the resources or the choice to provide healthcare for them. Sadly, that is what mothers in developing countries are facing. Here are the facts: The

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Moms Joining Forces for CHANGE!

I had the pleasure of representing Mocha Moms, Inc. as we joined forces with MomsRising in a private meeting to share public feedback and appreciation for the Mercury and Air Toxins Act with Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and President Obama’s Cabinet Member. As moms, upon hearing the news of a pregnancy,

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Pulling the Covers OFF of Child Molesters

I have been called an “overprotective mom” by many of my friends because it is rare that I let my girls out of my sight.  As a former employee of a prison for 14 years, I worked with child sexual predators. As a result, my filter is obviously different from the average person. I have

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