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Girl, Go Travel! Raising Global Citizens #StudyAbroadBecause



I want them to see the world! Without restraintithout being afraid. Without second guessing the adventure and education they’ll receive along the journey. My girls are now teenagers and I want them to know how the rest of the world lives.

Philanthropic activists and curious travelers, they took their first trip without my husband and I to Canada. Clearly, it’s not far, but it was a great trip to get their feet wet. Traveling with The Passport Party Project sponsored by National Geographic. They spent their time learning the culture, traveling to landmarks, cooking and enjoying the food,  and working in a community food pantry to feed the homeless.

They returned from the trip with a list of travel locations, dates and plans. First Paris, then Nigeria, then Morocco. The list was endless. This trip sparked a travel fire in them that has yet to be extinguished. As a result, my youngest daughter will travel to Puerto Rico next Spring with a group of students and their teacher to study the culture and assist with hurricane relief efforts. My oldest daughter will travel to  Spain with her high school class in the summer. They are well on their way to becoming global citizens.

I want them to #studyabroadbecause the world will continue to open up for them.  I want them to see the world and have a global impact that takes them beyond their iPhones. When they graduate from college, I want them to submit those employment applications to companies that value diversity, not just in race, but in cultural experiences. My prayer is that their hunger and thirst for educational travel and global citizenship will continue well beyond their school years.

My message to them will always be, “Girl, go travel!”

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