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Mommy Monitoring with XFINITY

20160419_141415There was a time not long ago where I could hand my daughters an electronic device to draw a photo on the television, or quiet them with a movie via a tablet. But with two teenagers and the ever exploding world of social media and electronic devices, I have to be a bit more careful with what I allow my girls to see and hear. I make it a point to utilize parent monitoring applications like VisrMamaBear and others apps for social media so I can confidently track what my teens are posting, geo-tagging, who they  following, inappropriate language, pics, etc.

These monitoring options were not as readily available for television programs until now. XFINITY has opened new capabilities of parental monitoring and controls, all from your television!

I had the pleasure of attending a recent #XfinityMoms #ComcastConnects #Ad Lunch and Learn at Comcast | XFINITY Headquarters in Washington DC. A group of moms came together to share with XFINITY the areas of importance to us as it relates to parenting in the digital age. We discussed the types of shows we want our children to see, the apprehension with age appropriate television shows and the use of evolving technology. We also had the opportunity to visit the XFINITY Lab to learn about new features offered via XFINITY X1 Kids Zone, XFINITY X1 Voice Remote with On Demand programming, and XFINITY Home.

XFINITY X1 Kids Zone gives parents peace of mind in knowing they can fully monitor what their children are watching at any time. Parents can restrict certain programs with a PIN number based on language and content. They can also select options based on the child’s age. Clearly, a parent thought of that one! I was very excited to learn that XFINITY uses Common Sense Media ratings within Kids Zone to get a true sense of what the program is about from parents who have the provide feedback.  Kids Zone also allows for recordings or playing the next episode of a favorite show.

XFINITY X1 Voice Remote is the answer to every Dad’s (and Mom’s) dreams. Simply speak the command and it will activate. The remote uses voice commands to find shows, channels, On Demand shows, provides recommendations and even recognizes key words. With a simple set-up, you’re ready to roll. Now how’s that for COOL? Some may call it lazy. But I call it INGENUITY!

XFINITY Home sets a brand new way of ensuring your home is safe and secure. You can either use your existing security equipment, or utilize XFINITY’s state of the art equipment to remotely monitor your home, arm and disarm your alarm system, smoke and water detection, set your thermostat and the best feature of them all…receive a text when your child comes home from school. In the days of latch-key kids, parents waited on their children to call them at work when they arrived home. With this new XFINITY Home feature, parents will know the moment their child opens the door! Now how’s that for calming your worried nerves?

What’s your favorite XFINITY feature?

For more features and product information, be sure to check out XFINITY.

XFINITY Voice Remote

XFINITY Voice Remote

Demo of XFinity X1

Demo of XFINITY X1 On Demand

XFinity Home Security System

XFINITY Home Security System

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