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Disney Channel’s TEEN BEACH MOVIE


As the commercials on the Disney Channel previewed the Teen Beach Movie, my girls were ALL ears. Each day met with anticipation and a million questions, “Mommy, did we miss it?” “Daddy, is today the day.”  “Can we stay up late to watch it?” You would have thought the airing of this movie was a life-altering or major world event in our household!

In reading the title I was a bit reluctant to allow my tweens to watch the movie, wanting to ensure it was age appropriate.  So we opted to watch it as a family. To my surprise, the movie was a musical! As a vocalist, I LOVED this idea.

Brady and McKenzie are high school sweethearts who enjoy their days surfing on the beach. When McKenzie’s near accident sweeps them back in time to the 1960’s, that’s when the real fun begins.

The movie is full of adventure, fun and lots of music that we’ve been hearing around our house OVER and OVER again!

When I asked my girls what their favorite parts of the movie were, as if on cue, they both kicked into a duet of, “Can’t Stop Singing.” Their other favorite songs are “Cruising For a Bruising” and “Surf’s Up.”

Be sure to check out the Teen Beach Movie on the Disney Channel or purchase the DVD for your movie library. The website also has tons of fun games, party kits and even live chats with the characters.

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  1. I know my middle child would love this.

  2. Chrysula

    Oh my. My girls are gonna die. It’s the 21st century Gidget or Ann. Love it!

  3. My almost 4-year old saw a commercial for this and proceeded to shake her booty in front of me and then got mad when the commercial went off. It’s a hit in my book!

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