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Widowed Bloggers Find Love After Loss


Jordan and Jessica Rice (Courtesy: Derrell Todd/Footprints Fotos)

Life teaches us lessons in many different forms. Some are through triumph, others are through tragedy. The lesson of love may not always come in the form we want it to, but this couple is proof that you should never give up!

Jessica lost her husband, Jarronn, to a motorcycle accident in 2009, only 2 months after they married. Jordan lost his wife, Danielle, to cancer in 2011, just 2 years after their wedding. 

Both in their 20’s, Jordan, a New York City Attorney and Pastor, met Jessica, a Washington DC marketing employee through mutual friends on Facebook.



The two married on June 22, 2013 with a small guest list including the families of their former spouses. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Jessica’s Blog – One Day At A Time

Jordan’s Blog – Trusting God On This Journey Called Life

Take look at the heartwarming story of these two widowed bloggers who found love after loss.

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  1. Stories like this always touch my heart. Gives me hope that there are good people out there and good relationships are waiting for all of us. Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful.

  2. What a lovely story to share! It’s great to know that they are both happy and doing well. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Great story, I love hearing awesome stories like this. Even when you are feeling down and out from a loss, there is always a chance for a new door to open. Take the time that you need and deserve to grieve before moving on. 🙂

  4. Oh, wow. Just, wow. I have seen how becoming a widow/widower can shatter a person’s life. Make them not want to try, again. Cause them to fear losing love if they try, again. This is so heartwarming and beautiful. Love it.

  5. That is so nice to see work out like that. I’m sensitive about the widow thing. My husband is older than I, and the chances are likely. I don’t even want to think about it.

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