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Marriage & Motherhood with Songstress Tamela Mann

Successful marriages in today’s age are quite uncommon. A low tolerance for compromise results in a high divorce rate in this country. But actress, “Take Me To The King” songstress and Stellar Award Winner, Tamela Mann and actor/singer husband David Mann are changing society’s norms, celebrating 25 years of marriage on April 20, 2013.

During my attendance at the  McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour, I had a chance to get Tamela’s views on her successful marriage and motherhood:

David & Tamela Mann Vow Renewal Ceremony, Dallas, Texas (Photo: TillyMannMusic)

Shootie Girl (SG):  You just celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary & vow renewal.  What is it like to being married to your best friend?

Tamela Mann (TM):  Being married to my best friend is a bundle of fun because we experience and go through everything together. The love is magnified.

SG:  What has been your secret to a successful marriage?

TM:  There is no secret here! I would say that the reason we have been together this long is because we have remained in love with each other. Also, it is very important to communicate with your spouse, and we still communicate very well with each other.

SG:  What advice would you give to young couples?

TM:  Marriage can work if each party gives it 100 percent. Just like a job, you have to work at it. Keep the marriage exciting.

SG:  How do you overcome challenges as a couple?

TM:  We acknowledge that there is a problem, if it is a heated situation we take time to cool off, then we come back with a solution to the problem. You have to learn to agree to disagree.

SG:  Did you stay home with your children when they were younger?

TM:  I wasn’t fortunate enough to be home with the children when they were younger. David and I had to travel a lot for work. The little time I did have off, I gave them my undivided attention. They didn’t understand then, but they appreciate it now.

SG:  How do you balance being a working mom?

Tamela Mann & Chief Shootie Girl

TM:  I take one day at a time. When it comes to family time, I am a mom, granny, and aunt.  When it is time to work, I put my all into work and I concentrate on it. It is a difficult task, but I juggle the two very well.

SG:  What advice would you give to young parents?

TM:  Be a great listener and be a wonderful nurturer. The beginning of a child’s life is when we spend the most time nurturing them. The listening comes when they get older. Cherish every moment.

SG:  Many moms have put their dreams on hold for their families. Would you recommend this, or trying to incorporate it all?

TM:  I would incorporate it all because you are building yourself as well as your family. You can have both and be successful.

David and Tamela  have made it clear that they are in ministry together. This is evident by David sticking closely by Tamela during concerts, interviews and awards.  They are a package deal in musical harmony, love, life and laughter.

As parents of 5  children and 8 grandchildren, there is no shortage of family fun. Check out their many Socialcam videos of quality family time, including David’s hilarious Grandiddy’s Gone Wild.

I believe we are setting up the next generation for successful marriages in the examples we set for them. What do you believe it takes to have a successful marriage?

Tamela sings with husband David looking closely on at McDonald's Gospel Concert

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