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Macy’s Fashion Show – 5 Spring Essentials



Nothing says SPRING like vibrant colors splashing down the runway!  I had the pleasure of attending Macy’s Spring Essentials Cherry Blossom Fashion Show in Downtown Washington DC, courtesy of Xina+PR.  This exclusive event, hosted by the hilarious Author, TV Personality and Fashion Guru, Daisy Lewellyn, featured the 5 essential looks for Spring 2013.

This year’s fashion trends included the “not your mom’s” PEPLUM, JACKETS/PULL-OVERS with a twist, jazzed up LACE, chic DRESSES and PRINTED PANTS.

PEPLUM:  This peplum was clearly not what I remember my classy mother wearing while I was growing up in the 80’s. The versatile style easily works as sassy business attire, as well as a more dressed down version of the over-skirt paired with skinny jeans or a straight leg pant.

JACKETS & PULL-OVERS: Style and warmth go together this Spring with adorable jackets and pull-overs.  It’s time to pack away the big and bulky winter coats and grab a few of these cuties to add a little twist to your attire.

LACE: I’m normally not a huge fan of it, but this jazzed up lace certainly made me take a second look. Lace was certainly an eye-catcher on the runway!

DRESSES:  When Spring arrives, I am instantly reminded of Easter. It’s the season where pastels and pops of color fill our wardrobes. Who doesn’t love a chic dress with a pair of fabulous sandals?

PRINTED PANTS: The beauty of jeans is that women of all sizes and shapes can wear them. Macy’s has translated that same thought to their printed pants line! I just LOVE that the models were indeed, every woman! Ode to the curvy girls ;-).

Stop by your local Macy’s to grab these great looks. Or if you’re like me and get too busy to brave the stores, shop online and have the deliveries come straight to your door. I love taking a little break from my day with a big box to open that has nothing to do with rhinestones :-).

Fashion, shopping and fun are best shared with friends. It was a pleasure to join blogging buddies Xina, Ananda, Lianne, Tonia, Monica, Jazzy and Bren for this event. The fun didn’t stop there as we turned our evening into a girls night with dinner at the lovely Hamilton.



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  1. So gorgeous! Now could Macy’s just sort out the weather so I can justify going shopping?!

  2. How wonderful. I love fashions shows and some of these styles I really like.

  3. Love the colors! I followed your fashion show updates on Instagram, looked like a great show! I am not into the lace either but I have to agree, those dresses are so pretty!! I need to so some Spring shopping! 🙂

  4. Ooh, I am loving the printed pants look. And glad to see that yellow made it in the lineup – that color does not get its fair due in my opinion. Paired with the striped shirt – gorge!

  5. Ok so I’m with Tawanna. I normally wouldn’t think of printed pants but I would give these a try. You know I’m all stylin’ (now that my friends have taken the time to give me a list and go shopping with me…lol).


  6. What a great show, right? It took me back. The evolution of fashion is funny, because styles stay the same and prints change. This show had a lot of the classics. I wish I would’ve keep some of my old pieces from back in the day to do a throwback photo. I had everything Daisy listed in some really funky (embarrassing) prints and fabrics.

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