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Women Who Inspire


On the heels of February’s Black History Month, March marks the month of celebrating Women’s History and today, March 8th, as International Women’s Day. We honor the women who came before us and paved the way for what we have accomplished and for inspiring the core of who we are. For me, those women are both famous to the world and famous to my family.

My biggest influence is my mother! Ms. Ann, as we call her, is an amazing woman of class, grace, and faith.  Her standard of excellence has groomed me into the woman I am today, even when I didn’t realize I was being educated.

I found myself watching and studying her every move, how she carried herself, how she spoke, how she exhibited such confidence and a no-nonsense way of being. Not only do I look like her, but I wanted to be her!


My mom/twin

My grandmother is another famous woman of my family. As a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, I am eternally grateful to her for modeling for me that anything is possible. While raising six children, she also worked for a family for 53 years and raised their children. Not only does she exemplify the strength and perseverance of a business women, but also the grace of a mother and wife of 67 years.



Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Toni Morrison, Dr. Maya Angelou, Ida B. Wells, and Madame C. J. Walker are just a short list of other woman who have inspired me. Each of them overcame obstacles and dreamed big dreams for themselves.

Clearly, if all of these women can reach their goals, the sky is the limit for the rest of us Women Who Rock!

Which amazing woman has inspired and paved the way for you?

Join me in my new mantra:


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  1. Inspiring women all around us! I love this group of women you’ve chosen. For me, also from a line of strong matriarchs, my grandmothers (even though both died before I was born) have been strong influences. I often “feel” them guiding me in my journey. My mother is a powerhouse. And my aunt, for whom I was named, and who I still miss every day. And the quote “well behaved women seldom make history” is one of my favorites :)… Happy Women’s Day!

  2. First of all, I need that shirt and I most definitely join you in your mantra (seriously, can I get like a Shootie Girl credit card because I have like 4 shirts I need to order tomorrow…lol).

    My mother was a big influence in my life as was my mama. I had 2 moms because in DR, it was perfectly okay for parents to have co-parents almost. For a long time I didn’t know who my real set of parents were and that was fine by me. Both of those women taught me about love in different ways.

    Now that mami is gone, I feel that so many women have been put on my path to teach me what I need to know as I strive to make my dreams come true. You being one of them! Great post!


  3. Wonderful post. I am thankful to have amazing women in my life.

  4. Love all the women you highlighted!

  5. Love the inspiring women you shared about. Your grandma just looks so regal and strong. A wonderful example. You are blessed with such wonderful strong women. Seems you have taken their lessons to heart. Very nice and inspiring blog.

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