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VIDEO: The Voices of Angels – Railway Primary School



From the moment they began to sing, I just knew that music came from their souls, their heritage, OUR ancestry.   When one person led a song the others followed with enthusiasm and jubilee. When they sang together, their voices blended like a school of fish; bending, moving and flowing together as one. Each soprano, alto, tenor and even baritone knew their notes with perfection.

They sang about their concerns with sanitation and diseases. But they also sang about their triumphs!

My body felt each beat of the drums the boys played in the corner. As their skilled hands pounded the hand-crafted instrument, my heart just seemed to soar.

The children were so proud to perform for us!

Listen to the sounds of the voices of angels from Railway Primary School – Kampala, Uganda (Shot@Life):







Classroom Song/Dance

Glad to Receive You

Sanitation Song

Dance #1

Dance #2

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  1. Dedra

    This is amazing!!! I love to see the children sing and dance. You can tell it’s a special love for them. They just seemed to come alive! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us! 🙂

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