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Little Mariam – St. Zoe Boarding School


A lawyer, a chief justice, a nurse, the President, an athlete and a UNICEF worker. These are the careers the children of St. Zoe Boarding School of the Mubende Village aspire to be. Not the agricultural workers their parents need them to be. They dream of higher heights for themselves. They see a world open to them because of their education. Rarely does a child in Uganda have the opportunity to go past the 7th grade (Primary 7). But these children have the privilege of a secondary school on their spacious grounds. St. Zoe’s children also have a bio-fuel system donated by UNICEF for them to generate water for washing, cooking and drinking after it has been boiled.

imageDuring our Shot@Life tour to the classrooms, I met one special little girl named Mariam. She was bursting with excitement to see us.  Reaching for me to hold her, she nearly jumped in my arms. She held on tight and didn’t want to let me go. She kept touching my face and  sharing her big beautiful grin that could light up the entire country of Uganda. When it was time for us to leave, Mariam was clearly disappointed. But she graced me with a sweet little kiss on the cheek to say goodbye.

Little Mariam captured my heart. I hated to leave her and prayed that she live a long healthy life to be able to share her outgoing personality and shining light with everyone she encounters.

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  1. I will never forget you and that little girl! You two were so cute together!

    Jen 🙂

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