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VIDEO: Rocking OUT at the White House

Easter is a time of celebration for our Savior Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It’s also a time for family to gather for fun activities, dressing up for church or other religious ceremonies, and who can forget the yummy food.



It’s also a time of celebration at the White House Easter Egg Roll! On Monday April 9, 2012, the First Family hosted the 134th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. This year’s theme was “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move. ” More than 35,000 people enjoyed games, stories, the traditional egg roll on the Lawn and concerts!

My girls and I were part of the first Easter Egg Roll 4 years ago, which was the very first year of the Obama Administration. We were excited to have the amazing opportunity to go again this year!

In 2008, my girls were ages 4 and 5, so the focus for them was certainly more of the games, arts, crafts and activities. They enjoyed getting their hands dirty while painting and working in First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House Garden. But this year was quite different. At ages 8 and 9, their primary focus was the concerts! In fact, as soon as we entered the gates, they made a bee-line for the stage. To see their faces light up when they realized their favorite stars would be performing was such a treat for me.

They were on the front row screaming at the top of their lungs while rocking out to Disney Stars China Anne from ANT Farm & the McClain Sisters, and Zendaya from Shake It Up. I was dubbed by my girls as the “ROCKING-EST mom on the planet!”

In addition to watching my girls’ faces light up, I was able to enjoy meeting and watching Pam and Gina from the Food Network show Down Home with the Neelys. With their southern style and comforting twang, they whipped up yummy cuisine for the audience to sample. We loved the idea that the fruit and veggies used were grown in, you guessed it, Mrs. Obama’s garden!

Other highlights included story-telling with the Obama family, egg decorating, basketball, fresh market produce and dance performances to encourage our First Lady’s “Let’s Move Campaign.”

Check out this video with the McClain Sisters ROCKING OUT at the White House:



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