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Educate A Girl, Educate A Nation!

When I look at my two girls, I not only see who they are today, I see their future. Who they will become as adults, mothers, wives, intelligent business women, god-loving, productive citizens and educated women. I see the world amassed before them without limits! I consistently pour into them that nothing they imagine is impossible and that they have endless opportunities of education and success.  But this is my story. What about the children that don’t have the same opportunities as my girls?

Today marks the very first EVER International Day of the Girl.  Shootie Girl is passionate about the messages and images we portray of all girls and women. With so much negativity of young girls across the country, we focus on the positive.  Not just with our apparel, but with shared media, our sphere of influence and education. The fact is, when you educate a girl, you can educate a NATION.

Join Shootie Girl™, Encourage Her Heart and 10×10 Act as we co-host a Twitter Party from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, October 11, 2012. The discussion is all about GIRL POWER! We’ll talk poverty, education, images, and what we can do to help girls around the world. Let’s be their voice!

Here are some GIRL FACTS around the world: 

  • Globally, 77.6 million girls are currently not enrolled in either primary or secondary education (UNESCO)
  • Of 163 million illiterate youth in the world, more than half – 63 percent – are female. (UNFPA)
  • Around the world, 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty (Girl Effect)
  • An extra year of primary school boosts girls’ eventual wages by 10 to 20 percent. An extra year of secondary school: 15 to 25 percent (World Bank)
  • Sixty-five low and middle income countries are losing approximately $92 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same standards as boys. (Global Compact Summary)
  • When a girl in the developing world receives 7 or more years of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children. (UN Population Fund)
  • A girl who completes basic education is three times less likely to contract HIV. (Make It Right)
  • Children born to educated mothers are twice as likely to survive past the age of 5. (Make It Right)
  • One in three girls who completes primary school in Africa and South Asia cannot read, write or do simple math. (Council on Foreign Relations)
Happily married mother of 2 fabulous daughters. CEO & Designer of Shootie Girl™ Custom Rhinestone Apparel. Former government and global software giant manager turned work-from-home mom and National Director of Social Media and Blogging for a national non-profit moms organization.
Shootie Girl

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  1. Rosey

    It’s awesome that you’re hosting the tweet-a-thon. I think it’s a great idea!

  2. This is so wonderful that you are apart of this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love the idea of this holiday and the awareness that it brings. Nice idea for the tweet a thon.

  4. Facts like those can be depressing to read. Education is so important isn’t it!

  5. Those are some sad statistics. I am glad girls have more opportunity here in the US than in other countries. It is good to bring awareness on how important education is.

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