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VIDEO: Day 25 – Juicing Feast (Fast)

After my 40th birthday in June 2012, I wanted to give myself the gift of HEALTH. I’ve put on weight over the last few years, I wasn’t eating regularly or getting enough rest. I wanted to really give my body a jolt, so I decided to do a juice feast (fast) to get things moving to a healthier ME. I’m on my way back to my Sasha Fierce!!  Take a look at the video about my journey up the this point. What are you doing for your health? Anyone want to join me?



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  1. Laura Johnson

    I enjoyed it! I will be starting soon! it was good seeing you and hearing you! miss you girl! You look great! You forgot to mention the water! do you drink as much water even though there is much water in juicing? Or do you do the 8 glasses? Take care and I will let you know when I start!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions, produce this video and share your journey with us! Also thanks for the Mocha Shout out 😉 I love how you mentioned that your thoughts are clearer and your energy is through the roof. These are 2 things I definitely can relate to being the mother of 4, business owner, school volunteer and committed Mocha. Please continue to update us on your journey and continued success to you!

    • It was my absolute pleasure. I will be sure to share more details of the journey. I’m sure a mother of 4, wearing many hats can benefit from at least trying juicing!

  3. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing your journey and tips. I’m on Day 1. The information you provided helps a lot.

  4. dwainessa

    that was so professional, i love you!love the video im starting today, i use to juice. paid all that money for that juicer but wasnt consistent.im about to be consistent now.

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