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God’s Minute with the U.S. Surgeon General

I had the pleasure of being part of The White House African-American Women’s Forum today. One of the guests was Dr. Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General of the United States!

L to R: Shootie Girl, Surgeon General Reginal Benjamin and Kuae Mattox, National President of Mocha Moms, Inc.

Who knew The Surgeon General could be so much fun! During our break, she had us on our feet dancing and exercising to jazz and hip hop music.  She also encouraged us with a poem called God’s Minute. I think you’ll enjoy! More details about my visit to come!

Dancing and exercising with Surgeon General

God’s Minute

By Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

I’ve only just a minute,
Only sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon me, can’t refuse it,
Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it,
But it’s up to me to use it.
I must suffer if I lose it,

Give an account if I abuse it,
Just a tiny little minute,
But eternity is in it.

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