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Shot@Life: T-shirts for a Global Cause

As a mother of 2 girls, trying to imagine not being able to provide for them is an extremely unsettling thought. Even more concerning is the thought of not having the resources or the choice to provide healthcare for them. Sadly, that is what mothers in developing countries are facing.

Here are the facts:

  • The number of children dying every year from preventable diseases in developing countries is nearly equivalent to half of the children entering kindergarten in the United States
  • Approximately 1.7 million children in developing countries die each year of a preventable disease like pneumonia, diarrhea, measles and polio.
  • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a vaccine preventable disease
  • The 2 leading causes of child death are pneumonia and diarrhea

I was invited via Mocha Moms, Inc. to become a Champion for the United Nations Foundation‘s new campaign, Shot@Life. During the course of several days in Washington DC, along with a group of other champions from across the country, I was educated about vaccine safety, child mortality, health disparities, among other topics by Shot@Life staff, other world health organizations, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Shootie Girl™ is partnering with the Shot@Life to raise awareness and funds to give other mothers a choice in the vaccination of their children. From one mom to another, we are committed to helping build a healthy foundation for children. Despite one’s personal or religious preferences about vaccines, the fact is, we have the choice. Parents in developing countries simply do not!

Please join us by donating to this much needed cause by clicking HERE, or by purchasing our custom featured Shot@Life Rhinestone Tee for only $25, as pictured below. Proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will go directly to support Shot@Life. T-shirts can be purchased via our online store Shootie Girl Custom Rhinestone Apparel & Accessories.

Any amount helps! Here are a few options:

Only $20 vaccinates a child for LIFE!

$15 protects a child from pneumonia and diarrhea

$5 vaccinates a child from polio and measles

Want to kick your donation up a few notches? Only $60 protects 3 children from all of the diseases listed above!

Join us in the fight to saves the lives of these children. They deserve to have a choice just like your child.

Available at http://www.shootiegirl.com Click photo to purchase


Member of Mocha Moms, Inc. Blogger Network

Mocha Moms, Inc., the national non-profit organization that supports at-home mothers of color , joined United Nations Foundation Shot@Life campaign to help children in developing countries get access to life-saving vaccines. Shot@Life is a first-of-its-kind campaign to raise awareness and funds for the millions of children in developing countries who do not have access to vaccines







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13 Responses

  1. Christina Smith

    I am so glad to see there are still good people in the world like people like you who have enough compassion for others to take action to help those who are less fortunate. I have never heard of this foundation before now and am so glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you for dedicating your own time and money and heart to a good cause.

  2. Tami Valentine

    Great article! Kudos to you!! Thanks

  3. cheryl

    so thankful to live in America and be able to take care of my own.

  4. diane

    As a womens’ healthcare provider, I applaud your efforts for this worthy casue! We are fortunate in this country to have so many choices-you are right that it is not true all over the world.

  5. shawna durk

    This is awsome. If I wasnt fighting to find a job and piled with medical bills myself I would so donate. This is a great cause.

  6. That is awesome. If I had some money, I’d donate it. I’m broke though until the middle of next month! That is such a good cause though. Being a mother of 2 young kids, it IS frightening to think I couldn’t provide my kiddo’s.

  7. I love causes like these! I wish more people would participate. The more that participate, the more people that are helped.

  8. I love your page and the meaning of this post. It’s scary doing Vaccine’s but it’s even more scary to get one of the diseases.

  9. I find it really interesting how we’re fighting to save lives overseas with vaccines but over here there are parents that don’t vaccine.

    Great job helping those children!

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