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Gasping for Air!


Gasping for air, breathing treatments, congestion, coughing and exhaustion is how I spent most of my childhood. The countless birthdays, holidays and special occasions as a regular visitor of the emergency room, or admitted with pneumonia framed the majority of my childhood.  I did not have the pleasure of enjoying extracurricular activities such as sports or simple playground fun. Instead I could be found reading a book with friends during recess time. When my frustrations got the best of me, I would risk trying some of the activities and would most assuredly be sent to the nurse’s office due to an asthma attack.  READ MORE

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  1. Pamela / Pamela's Heavenly Treats make

    i am so thankful that non of my kids have to deal with this, my twins did have a bout with asthma earlier on when they were little but it has since went away and i am thankful for that. wonderful blog.

  2. Brittainy

    My son has asthma, I am so thankful for a doctor who would not stop until Will could participate in a full fledged 100% boy lifestyle!

  3. Arlene

    Wow! I’m right there with you! My son has asthma and is very limited too! 🙂

  4. Heidi H

    I grew up the same way and as an adult I am slowing loosing the struggle to continue breathing with out the aid of machines.
    By the end of this year I will most likely be on three different type of machines to help the breathingO( I am working with 2 now)
    one day I hope the doctors with be able to make it were there is no need to suffer from bad lungs.
    I was born an allergic asmatic and live in a 98% scent free home(scents bring on attacks for me)

  5. Edward P.

    I am so sorry that you have health issues, I sure hope you can get better soon. I do know how it feels to have a cronic condition. I spent alot of time in the hospital, the 1st time was 33 days then 24 and so on, and my E.R. visits are on going. But I do hope you can recover from what you have.

  6. Brandi Price

    I cannot tell you how much I have watched my father suffer from asthma over my life time much less his lifetime before me. Hopefully one day this can all be reversed and you and every one else that suffers can breathe a little easier!

  7. Carmen Lebron

    I am entering a Mother Day Giveaway

  8. viviana rodriguez

    excellent post! this is a reality for most people nowadays, how to deal with asthma and the effects it has on your life. i never suffered from asthma but i have family members who have and i see their constant struggle . its tough

  9. darlene bohannon

    i had asthma as a child ,but grew out of it. i am so glad those days are over. it is a real struggle for those who have asthma. hopefully there will come a time when it can be cured.

  10. Marlene V

    My son was diagnosed with asthma early on …he was often up at night and missing school. The good news is that a couple of years ago when he wasn’t finding relief on any puffers no matter what the strength, they actually discovered that he didn’t have asthma. He in fact had post nasal drip. Since getting a proper diagnosis and medicine he is participating in all school activities and missing less school.

  11. Annalisa Linder

    I grew up like that too. My very first memory is of being all alone inan oxygen tent in a very bare white hospital room. So sad.

  12. kimberly wiley lazor

    I can totally relate, as I have asthma and COPD. I am so thankful for my daily breathing meds, as they usually prevent a severe attack. I do have an oxygen machine at home, for the times when I flareup and need it.

    I hope that your health improves…sending healing thoughts your way! :

  13. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    I’m lucky my kids (as of right now! fingers crossed) doesn’t have asthma!

  14. Kristin Gilbert

    Easy breathing is something many of us take for granted and cannot understand what this must feel like.

  15. desiree

    i can say i mm a asthmatic and then i have copd and then other
    issue and then i live in city but it can be bad one day to the next

  16. barbara tryon

    My granddaughter also has asthma and hopefully she will get better from it and she also has allergies that bring it on. I sure hope you feel better soon.

  17. Gail Panacci

    I am one o gthe blessed to not suffer with these symptoms, but I knw many who do, It is terrible how it affects your every day life. thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  19. kelley wood

    i can relate! I think it does get better with age as the others have agreed on 🙂

  20. My daughter spent so much of her life in hospitals.

    I felt everything you wrote.

    Watching her fight for those final breaths was the worst.

  21. Stella

    i have minor asthma and sometimes it can be challenging. just yesterday i had to leave school early because one guy that was sitting next to me had just smoked a cigarette and a girl next to me had just sprayed perfume. i breathed a few puffs of my inhaler and was passed out all afternoon

  22. Amanda Lyn

    Thanks for the article. Great Read.

  23. evans s

    My son was born with breathing problems and has been hospitalized several times when he was younger. He is slowly getting better but every once in a while something triggers an attack. I dread whenever he has PT because I know he will usually have the most problems when he tries to be like the other kids. It was hard for him to understand when the doctor limited his activities but he is getting better.

  24. Seyma Shabbir

    My father had asthma as a child, I am lucky me and my sister never had these problems. Good luck!

  25. Frances Kalender

    God bless you and your perseverance to continue to get better. What a blessing to share your story and help others to know that they are not alone.
    Continued health & success to you!!

  26. Jerick Mac

    I once suffered to this kind of symptoms when i was a child and I know how hard it is to bear. get well soon to all experiencing this.

  27. thet

    hmmm..I can totally understand..My dad’s been struggling with asthma for years.

  28. Marthalynn

    What an informative article! I can’t believe what a difference changing out your cleaners has made. No one in my family suffers from asthma, but it’s got me thinking that if cleaning chemicals can have that much of an effect on asthma patients, it must be affecting the rest of us too. I’m definitely going to be evaluating what I use to clean my home from now on!

  29. michelle oakley warner

    wow, this is how i grew up too, now im older im slowly growing out of it


    I have bad allergies and get asthma symptoms most at this time of year. I pray it won’t be bad this yearr.

  31. Phoenix

    Mommy’s Memorandum sent me to your site. I don’t have asthma, but I do have other reactions to environmental pollutants, & appreciated this post.

  32. Jennifer Fierro

    My 6 year old son has asthma. After watching my sister grow up with asthma and hearing the stories my husband told about his asthma, I am thankful that there are new medications available to not only relieve the symptoms, but prevent them.

  33. Stacie Teston

    Hello, my 11 yr old has hypothyroidism and is prediabetic. Her twin brother is diabetic. I think it’s wonderful how you tell about the struggles that you went through with asthma as a child, and how positive you are now. I think that my daughter could definitely relate and be inspired. I’m going to forward blogs and posts to her. Thank you…

  34. nik

    Excellent article at Moms Rising! It’s so obvious that more and more people are suffering from respiratory ailments as time progresses, and of course it’s related to the increasing prevalence of toxins and pollutants in our environment. It’s amazing how even just a change in wind direction will worsen asthma here just because it’s carrying more pollutants from a particular source. Fortunately we have a local doctor that treats with a holistic approach and supports cleaner, toxin-free lifestyle treatments.
    Best of health to you!

  35. Alexandra Roach

    Very interesting post. I used to have asthma as a kid

  36. Kellie

    My son and I both have asthma. I think it was probably easier for me to deal with my son’s asthma because I grew up with it. He doesn’t have it as bad now but I continue having to use my rescue inhaler due to my horrible allergies. I am thrilled that my son has done so well. He rarely ever has to have any type of treatment.

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