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VIDEO: I Look To You – Tribute to Whitney Houston

There have been quite a few unfortunate celebrity deaths lately. People who have paved the way for vocalists like me. But nothing has affected me more than hearing of the death of the AMAZING Whitney Houston.

As a child and teenager, Whitney was my idol, and I mean IDOL in every sense of the word.  As a vocalist, I patterned by music after her. I admired her and strove to sing like her. In fact, I still hear traces of her in my voice today. Photos and album covers of Whitney were plastered all over my bedroom wall while I was growing up.

For many years, any time I was asked to sing at a wedding or event, I always chose a Whitney song. Her music was a mainstay in my vocal arsenal for years!  I still sing her music often, and my girls do as well. They really don’t have much of a choice. Most times, my little ladies don’t even realize they are singing a Whitney song.

Whitney’s voice transcended racial, cultural and socioeconomic lines. Any female vocalist who is a true artist has been influenced by the flawless and greatest voice of our generation.

Even though there are negative aspects of her life’s choices, I decided not to dwell on them here and allow her true musical legacy to be tainted.  I would rather celebrate the voice of an angelic legend that has been silenced. Now she sings in a heavenly choir!

In the link below, I pay tribute to Whitney Houston with my cover of  “I Look To You” from her latest album. This performance was at my church just a year ago, in February 2011.

Whitney Houston, gone too soon!

What is your favorite Whitney song?

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  1. I too love Whitney… my memories of Whitney is more along they way of a friend because I too am 48. I am always in awe of how two people who are the same age, however lead completely different lifestyles… it’s always thought provoking to me. God Bless Whitney and her family.

  2. You are so blessed to have such an amazing gift of singing. Every Sunday I sing at church I am so wishing to have a better singing ability or an ability period. Love Love Whitney Houston. Too many great songs for me to name! I think the one that always gets me in a good move and starts moving around is the one that goes “I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me!” Such an amazing singer and it is so sad that she is now gone. I didn’t even think about all the negative aspects printed in the paper about her life, I just thought, as soon as I heard the news was, what a shame to lose such a legend!

  3. Whitney will always be a part of my growing up years. I still can’t believe she’s gone…

  4. You have such a lovely voice! I think I liked I will always love you the best. Even though it was Dolly’s originally, Whitney just turned it into something extra special!

  5. bn100

    You have a very nice voice. Very beautiful tribute.

  6. Janet Jackson

    What a nice tribute to Whitney! She holds a special memory from my childhood. My fave song is I will always love you. Maybe you should be a Whitney impersonator 😉

  7. bonmay

    She had a beautiful voice! Love your blog, it’s full of great information!

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