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The DREAM Lives On – MLK Memorial

Several months ago my family spent the day in Washington DC (our backyard) visiting the monuments and sites around the city. The most profound was the new Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (photos below).  Our girls are now of the age where they can appreciate the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement. We have allowed them to read books and view documentaries on slavery, bus boycotts, sit-ins, segregation, the March on Washington, and other resources that provide lessons into African-American history. Although we do not flood them with the negativity during that era, we want it to be clear to them how blessed they are, and how far we have come since those times.

The gorgeous MLK Memorial celebrates the words and wisdom of Dr. King.  You can certainly feel the spiritual presence of the man who fought for justice and peace as you walk through the space. Our hearts went out to senior African-American visitors who were in wheelchairs, or barely getting along as they explored the memorial.  The looks of pain and triumph were on their faces as they marveled at the amazing monument of Dr. King overlooking us all.  The thought of what they suffered through can easily bring you to tears.

Just below the MLK Memorial sits the Washington DC Tidal Basin where cherries bloom. Visitors from around the country come to enjoy the popular Cherry Blossom Festival each year.  I find it rather strategic that from a certain view, you can clearly see the Washington Monument, that sat in the distance when Dr. King delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

When Barack Obama was elected our 44th President in 2008, our girls went to the polls with us to experience history being made. I remember them asking why that day was so important. Four years later, at ages 8 and 9, they don’t remember our country without an African-American President. THAT is the modern day reflection of Dr. King’s dream living on!  We’ve come from “I Have A Dream” to “The Audacity of Hope,” and our little girls will reap the benefits of them both!



Our girls at the polls on Election Day - November 2008


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  1. Rosanne

    We are heading to Washington Dc in the next couple of months and your review of the MLK memorial stirred up a desire to take my granddaughter there. I was born on his birthday and always found him inspirational and admirable

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