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Re-Live the Unforgettable Story ~ Lion King 3D World Premiere in Hollywood

It seems so long ago and hard to believe the original movie premiered in 1994! Well, you’ll get to experience it all over again, as The Lion King 3D ROARS into theaters this weekend, but only for 2 weeks!  So grab the kids, or make it a date night and go check it out.  You HAVE to see it!

Available on Blue-Ray October 4, 2011

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Lion King 3D World Premiere at the legendary El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, as a VIP Guest during Disney’s Blogger Weekend.  The overwhelming excitement was felt as we passed the crowd of paparazzi, onlookers and others waiting in line for tickets.  No tickets were needed for our group of bloggers, as we were special guests and given All Access Guest Badges!  I have to say, I felt rather special!


The “Red Carpet” (actually green carpet) was filled with flashing cameras, stars from the movie, and other celebrities who brought their kids to enjoy.  Attendees enjoyed the sounds of an African band playing the cultural sounds of the movie while watching the festivities  The Mommy Bloggers were excited to walk the green carpet with all of the stars as well.

Watch this VIDEO closely, Courtesy of Maximotv.  Don’t blink or you might miss it.  You’ll see me at 0:51 looking excited and a little lost, as Tony Bancroft, Animator of “Pumbaa”, conducts an interview. The Lion King 3D Premiere Green Carpet Arrivals at EL Capitan Theatre



As we entered the theater, we were offered free popcorn and drinks and led to amazing seats, just five rows from the front.  In true Hollywood style, a musician played amazing music from a pipe organ on stage that boomed around the entire theater. Actors, actresses, producers, animators and community organizations poured into the theater in anticipation of the movie.  The movie began with full fan fair, flashing lights on the screen, and a screaming crowd!


From the first note of the introductory African chant of the song Circle of Life, moviegoers were glued to the screen. Prior to the the kick-off, I shared stories of seeing the original movie with my new blogger friend, Summer of MomStart.com. But once the movie began, we were both captivated from beginning to end.  Summer even had to find pieces of tissue to dry her tears.  I was amazed at how many others I saw dabbing their eyes around the theater as well.  I must say that I still get a bit choked up when “Mufasa” dies; played by the AMAZING James Earl Jones.

Many years later, the Lion King 3D still takes you on a whirlwind of emotion.  I felt a sense of excitement, sadness, anger, encouragement and ultimately triumph in the 89 minutes of the movie.  There was no surprise that the film ended to a standing ovation and cheers from theater-goers.

After the movie, we were whisked off to the Hollywood and Highland Center Grand Ballroom.  Read on! The fun continues at the Cast After-Party Reception.


**Disney provided an all expense paid three-day experience.  All opinions are my own.

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